Farmers taste success with charcuterie

14 May 2014

Chorizo has crept into people’s lives in a big way.

Ten years ago the paprika-infused sausage was something that only foodies really knew about. These days you’re hard pushed to find a menu without it popping up in some shape or form.

And it is not just chorizo. The market for the entire range of charcuterie products has exploded in a big way, opening up new opportunities for British farmers. But what’s involved and is it for everyone?

What is charcuterie?

There’s a perception that it is all air-dried hams, chorizo and salami, but the term charcuterie is much wider than that.

Old favourites like pork pies, sausage rolls, black pudding and faggots all come under the umbrella term of charcuterie.

Essentially, charcuterie is a way of preserving raw meat by curing, smoking, cooking – or a combination of the three. Countries such as Spain, Italy and France are probably best known as charcuterie nations, but there is a strong tradition in the UK, too, even if it hasn’t gone by that name.

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